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Furniture that works for you.

Our signature piece converts from console, to desk, to dining room table - in 60 seconds.

Reclaim your space.

Let’s face it - NYC living often means sacrificing space. TIMBR helps you get it back.

No scuff marks.

Four easy-lock wheels that won’t scratch your floors - so you can get your full security deposit back.

No tools necessary.

Who has time for screwdrivers? TIMBR comes pre-assembled on delivery. Just take it out of the box.

Easy cleanup.

Stain-resistant coating means last night’s takeout won’t leave a mark on your office desk today.

Saving space - and your budget.

Our sustainable table set combines three pieces of furniture into one, so you can go business casual in the morning and dinner party in the evening.

Finally, a table that does as much as you do.


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