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The Beginning...

TIMBR’s story actually begins with an ending - of a relationship, that is.

After all was said and done, founder Kevin was left with a 1200+ square-foot apartment in NYC… and several pieces of bulky furniture...


What is a new bachelor to do? Downsize, of course!

In a post-breakup effort to heal and declutter, Kevin became fascinated with the Japanese philosophy of Danshari (For those of you familiar with Marie Kondo, her methodology of cleaning takes some inspiration from this philosophy).

Instead of a heavy spring clean on a Saturday afternoon, however, Danshari is a lifestyle that prizes minimalism over materialism in the effort to achieve a happier life.

While attempting to achieve Danshari, Kevin also fell in love with the concept of Tiny Living, and the freedom that came with owning fewer material possessions.

When Kevin’s Instagram feed started to showcase more Murphy beds than family photos, he realized he wanted to actually try Tiny Living out for himself.

He decreased his living space from 1200 to 450sqft, but quickly discovered a problem: most of the furniture options for smaller spaces lacked multi-functional use. Nearly all creative furniture options came in the form of custom builds, and many were stationary once built.

And so, TIMBR was born: a truly sustainable, multi-functional furniture brand for the sophisticated New Yorker with an active lifestyle and full social calendar - because you deserve furniture that works for you.